Why Universal Care

Why Universal Care


Medical emergency where victim require emergency medical care due to motor accidents, sudden collapse of victim due to heart attack stroke, poisoning, or emergent delivery in emergency.

Patient relative need to transport such patients to the nearest Govt. & private hospital at earliest.

Universal care is bringing both Govt. & private medical services together. I have gathered all the data of private ambulance operator in our country. You need to dial just one number from anywhere in country and ambulance will be at your door step in 15 mts.


With growing instances of hospitals, especially private ones, being accused of misleading patients to jack up their medical bills, leading specialist and super specialist have been brought on an online platform so that insurance could avail of a second opinion from them as to whether the treatment course being adopted for patient is right , genuine and ethical our purpose is never to doubt competency and treatment plan of specialist and super specialist but in many insurance it was found that minute change in facilities change the whole diagnosis.

This will help insurance company to stop unethical practice at hospital to increase the bill amount. The platform has been created to offer accessibility of medical professionals who are best in their field to insurance company to clear their doubts about the treatment that there patient are receiving in any hospital or from any doctor.

“For a nominal fee (RS 5000 only), we have a panel of specialists and super specialist who will offer a second opinion to insurance company concerned within 4 to 6 hours of submission of the case data. The second opinion will help you by either confirming or correcting or highlighting additional aspects to the primary diagnosis ,”Dr. SHAILESH JAIN, who has launched the online platform with a number of specialists from across the country and international medical experts, said here.

“You can choose from among various medical specialists from around the world based on their specialty and super specialty, experience, disease expertise. Our Advisory Board has created a panel of 64 experts after carefully reviewing the qualifications and experience of each doctor to make sure you get the most qualified help available.

The online platform has 64 medical specialists and super specialist, including doctors of international repute. Apart from consultations, the site also provides scrutiny of reimbursement bills.

3. Why insurance company avail the facility of Universal Care

(1) In house availability of 64 specialist and super specialist.

(2) Many a time it was observed that what a eye of MBBS doctor can’t see easily pointed by super specialist very Quickly. It will help to reduce hefty false claim of hospital

(3) It will help insurance company to increase the transparency in medical practices and reduce there losses.